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Tweet ‘Em Home Electric Ireland

By Phil Murphy

On 03, Feb 2013 | In | By Phil Murphy

Tweet ‘Em Home Electric Ireland

Tweet ‘em home for Christmas was a charity drive but not like you have ever known! WeinvitedElectric Irelands Facebook and Twitter followers to support one of three teams (each one representing one of three charities) as they complete a 2-day drive across Ireland in three eye-catching cars – an ecar, a DeLorean and a New York yellow taxi – on December 8th and 9th 2011.

Each team consisted of a driver (chosen by public audition through a specially designed App on our Facebook page) and a “star navigator” to read the map and generate support on Facebook and Twitter in order to keep on the road.

This is because any social media support  (Tweets or Facebook Likes) each team got translated into “fuel”, so the more support they get, the longer they can drive for each day – and if a team runs low on support “fuel”, they had to stop their car until it picks up again.

Each team was also able to top up their tank by taking part in a series of challenges along the circuit – and, of course, tweeting about how they got on. We set some of the challenges ourselves, and invited Electric Irelands  Facebook and Twitter community to set their own ones for the teams on the road.

The campaign trended nationally for days and received over 50,000 tweets from members of the public and it was also very innovative and fun way to raise lots of money for charity! I think it is still today one of Irelands most successful social media campaigns.

My Role:

I managed the development of the backend app that was used to track the cars around Ireland, the Facebook canvas app design and the social media communications around the campaign.

What I learned from the experience:

I learned how to manage an innovative mobile and Facebook Canvas app. How to manage a number of third parties and to keep the client fully up to date on the progress of the campaign through each of the phases of the development. It was a lot of fun!