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Switched On – Email Newsletter

By Phil Murphy

On 16, Nov 2012 | In | By Phil Murphy

Switched On – Email Newsletter

Switched On is an email newsletter that goes out to Electric Ireland’s online billing customer base. It features tips on energy saving, competitions and promotional offers in a one off seasonal funky but functional design.

My Role

I managed the design, technical development, list development, translation, copy creation, delivery and performance reporting of each newsletter that went out.

What I learned from the experience:

I have always really enjoy email marketing but this was to a much larger subscriber base than I had ever sent to before and getting the data and content right was very important. I learned a lot from the designing side of things and how important it is to bring designers and technical guys together early, as beautiful design does not always work in terms of large email formats.

I had never managed email marketing campaigns that had ever required translation and factoring this in, in terms of my CPA was very important. I was also found it beneficial in terms of project management with this project to keep an accurate CPA that you also shared with the client regularly.

We also brought in 3rd parties such as journalists to review some of our clients products this was very interesting to manage and give direction on.