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Re-brand of Aspera Solutions Ltd.& UK Expansion

On 16, Nov 2012 | In | By Phil Murphy

Re-brand of Aspera Solutions Ltd.& UK Expansion

Project Background

Aspera Solutions is an enterprise software V.A.R. based in Dublin, Ireland and I joined the company in 2008. We made the decision to expand into the UK market and a large part my role was lead generation in focus; however the brand was outdated and needed a refresh in order to position us as formidable competitor in the UK market. We wanted to, despite being a relatively small company chase after some big fish and we did, we caughtsome very big fish!

My Role

I completed a full re-branding of the company; everything from our logos, to signage and stationary. I introduced a UK call answering / virtual assistants, a social media strategy and redesigned our websites. Also, I introduced traditional and online PR to the company which was also very successful in helping us gain a foothold into the UK marketplace and generate awareness.

Lead generation by any means was my focus and in order to expand into the UK market we needed a lot of leads. So, I trialled some of my telemarketing budget with an affiliate provider and killed two birds with the one stone. I generated a lot of qualified leads and reduced our reliance on expensive external telemarketing providers.

What I learnt from the experience

Gaining management buy-in: Getting management buy-in for a project like this was very challenging and I learnt a lot about how to take people on a journey. Often this meant trialling things myself and by breaking each stage of the process down into small parts and by asking permission for each small stage at a time. With each quick win it leads to further support from management.