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Energy Saving Wizard Website

By Phil Murphy

On 16, Nov 2012 | In | By Phil Murphy

Energy Saving Wizard Website

The Energy Saving Wizard from Electric Ireland is a website and tool that guides you through a series of questions about your house and energy usage. From the answers you give the wizard tool gives energy and money saving recommendations personalised to your home. These recommendations include areas you can save costs, grants that are available and tips on areas you can save money.

You can view the Energy Saving Wizard website here
My Role:

I project managed the revision and update to the tool to incorporate the re-branding of Electric Ireland from ESB, additional features, social media integrations and formula calculations.

What I learnt from the experience:

The build combined not just complicated web development and design but also required working with a PhD student who created the formula’s for the report that the Wizard generated. This was the first project I had worked that required the management of complicated mathematical formulas and ‘what-if scenarios’.

Also, the client management process involved communicating feedback to different departments in the clients organisation and feeding this back into the project.