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Digital Marketing Portfolio

Digital Marketing Course Content Development & Lecturing

By Phil Murphy

On 16, Nov 2012 | In | By Phil Murphy

Digital Marketing Course Content Development & Lecturing

WebElevate is an innovative digital technology, app and game development programme which is run by the Dublin Institute of Technology and the Digital Skills Academy. I was responsible for in 2012-2013 for creating the lecturing content for the ‘Digital Marketing’ learning module of this course.

My Role:

Modules of the course I wrote included topics ranging from: Mobile marketing, SEO, PPC, Analytics, Social….and much more.

What I learned from the experience:

I was writing this content whilst also working full time so; I had to get very good at time management and planning. I would try to plan every day of the week out and have specific goals for each evening/night.

Also, I found that through developing the content it was an excellent way to keep my own professional development up to speed.