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Digital Marketing Portfolio

Aspera UK & Irish Website

By Phil Murphy

On 16, Nov 2012 | In | By Phil Murphy

Aspera UK & Irish Website

Project Background

As part of the rebrand of Aspera, I compiled the online channel strategy which focussed on two websites an Irish site sitting on a .ie and a UK website sitting on a domain. I wanted the website to be easy to update by any nominated member of staff so I built the sites on WordPress.

My Role

As any B2B marketer will know ‘Content is king’ so I wanted a platform whereby I could create and share content specific to each territory. The content strategy included; ‘How to guides’, ‘tutorials’, ‘ERP in plain English’ and ‘customer success stories’.

A big objective was to rank well in terms of SEO and a couple of decisions really helped with this; 1. Separating the sites to be specific to each territory, reviewing analytics and adwords research data and having chosen WordPress, the YoastSEO plugin made it easy and quick to publish updates.

What I learnt from the experience
  1. Management buy-in and support:The organisation is a sales and lead led organisation and rightly so they had a concern that my time would be taken away from lead generation. I had to detail the bigger picture in terms of the benefits an online conversion and branding strategy can bring and I also agreed to do a lot of the work outside of work hours.
  2. Project management:Managing the development and design of two large sites from scratch was challenging. Also, combine this with the page content development meant I had a lot to do. At the time I attended as part of MSc in Digital Marketing a brilliant lecture by Sarah Alder from Cranmore Digital Consulting in the UK which really helped in helping me manage such a project to completion.